"Sawubona" is the isiZulu word for "hello".

Lyrics from one of my favourite songs by Housefires

Experimenting with 3D typography

A typographic illustration of the provinces of South Africa

The welcome banner I was asked to create for the Colours of You 2015 creative exhibition.

A typographic mural I created at work, of Boomtown's vision: to enable the greatest creative environment for possibility to be realised

A screen time lapse video of a typographic piece I did in my spare time.

Some words that popped into my head that I decided to turn into a poster design.

Sometimes I illustrate puns:)

Sometimes I illustrate puns part 2:)

As you can see, this is neither an illustration nor a design piece:) It's a throwback to a younger me and my little sister (who's a medical doctor). 

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