The cover design of the handbook I illustrated based on my Master thesis "The Art of Education Reform: An Analysis of the Relationship between Arts Education and Performance in Mathematics and Science".

A fresh new batch of book orders 

Close up shot of one of the spreads in the book

I had the opportunity to be a part of the Wonder of Learning Seminar

I was one of the speakers on the day, presenting on the Art of Education Reform

Pulling a funny face while I was presenting at the Wonder of Learning seminar

While I was studying, I developed a campaign around a fictional art education organisation called Why Art. The premise was based on the question everyone asks when you mention art and its link to education reform: why art? It’s a valid question. Which is why the entire campaign is crafted around answering that question in creative ways. From print to web to an illustrated handbook, every touch point gets the audience asking themselves ‘why’ and then leads them to 

why art website mock up

why art website mock up 2

why art print ad mock up

why art print ad mock up 2

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